Monday, 5 September 2011


This is our finale tasks. We are given a tasks to make a video about 1Malaysia. What do you know about 1Malaysia? For your information, 1Malaysia is intended to provide a free and open forum to discuss the things that matter deeply to us as a Nation. It provides a chance to express and explore the many perspectives of our fellow citizens. What makes Malaysia unique is the diversity of our peoples. 1Malaysia’s goal is to preserve and enhance this unity in diversity which has always been our strength and remains our best hope for the future. Each of us – despite our differences – shares a desire for a better tomorrow. Each of us wants opportunity, respect, friendship, and understanding.

As in our video, even though we are different races, we are still have a chance to learn other languages. For example, Malay people can learn how to speak in Chinese and Tamil languages. We hope you will enjoy to watch our video :).

Wednesday, 3 August 2011



Don't worry, homemade chocolate will provide a very special promotion of chocolate for the celebration of Hari Raya. This chocolate is only for Hari Raya..... 
This chocolate is very special and different than other chocolate, because we have applying the characteristics of Hari Raya, characterized because it looks to "ketupat".

Price : RM 30 per box

Change your Hari Raya delicacies with homemade chocolate!. Normally, when  Hari Raya, you will served your guest with "kuih Raya" such as bahulu, pineapple tarts and almond london. Now, with homemade chocolate, you can entertain your guests with a delicious chocolate.

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